FAQ'S and General Information - Please Read All Sections

Before You Enter

  • This is a tough challenge – please do not enter if you are unprepared for the possibility of not completing the race within the 12 hour cutoff – cutoffs are strict and you will not receive a medal if you finish past this time. Please do not put us in the awkward position of having to justify this to you on the day should you fail to meet the cutoff
  • Please do not enter if you are not prepared for course markings only at decision points where there is a change to the route. This might mean no markings for several miles due to there being a straight path / road with no turnings off. It is your responsibility to keep an eye out for the signage, to be familiar with the course and/or to have a GPS device with the course .gpx file on it to help you navigate. 
  • We provide foods at aid stations as an addition to food you will have in drop bags, the food we provide is a top up and should not be relied on to get you round the whole course.  We will provide sufficient water and coke for you whilst on the course and also additional water stops should it be very hot. 

Race Briefing for 2020 Race

Online Race Briefing for 2020 Race

  • The race briefing will be posted online one week before the race, this will be to enable all runners to get the race info and not have to convene (due to COVID-19 restrictions) hopefully this will change for 2021
  • Numbers will be issued on Friday evening at Big Maggies cycle shop from 4pm to 6pm
  • You will be issued with a race number, pins, luggage label ( for check point bag), tshirt (tshirts cannot be exchanged as they have been ordered as requested) 
  • There will be a quick race briefing on the morning of the race for each wave.
  • GPX file of race is here
  • Final Race Info Document is here

Mandatory Kitlist

  • Trail Shoes
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • A water receptacle (s) to carry at least 1 litre of water
  • A cup should you require coke at checkpoints (we try to minimise the use of plastic)
  • Enough Calories to see you between each checkpoint
  • Charged Phone with my telephone number in – 07797827383 and what3wordsapp downloaded
  • Spare layer in case of inclement weather
  • 1 Drop bag if you have further nutritional requirements for CP2.

Race Start

  • This year we hope to be back to a mass start from the Steam Clock, St Helier (beside tunnel and Weighbridge area) at 6am on race day.  
  • Race organisers will be there from 5.00 for questions and late number collections.
  • The marathon start will be at CP2 at Les Fontaine’s at 9am, please arrive at 8:30am in time for the pre race chat and start. 
  • The Half Marathon will start at The Watersplash (exact location will be communicated in due course) at 11am, please arrive at 10:30am in time for the pre race chat and start. 


  • Checkpoints will be approximately 10 miles apart.
  • Water will be provided to refill your bottles / hydration packs. (Average usage is 500ml per hour, so be prepared to carry 1litre). WATER WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED IN BOTTLES OR CUPS.
  • Checkpoints will also supply cups of coke and some basic food (crisps, sweets, flapjacks etc). Runners must ensure that they carry sufficient supplies.
  • Checkpoint 1 at St Catherine will provide water only.
  • The 22 mile checkpoint at La Fontaine has a cutoff time of 6.5 hours – runners not making CP2 by this time will be timed out. It is also the half way bag drop. Bags will be returned to finish.
  • As race organisers we reserve the right to alter these times depending on race day conditions.
  • The checkpoints below are also the relay changeover points for the 5 man relay, it is the teams responsibility to co-ordinate these. Les Fontaines is the changeover point for the 2 man relay. 

Race Rules & Conditions

By entering Round The Rock you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • All entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Race Organisers.
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old on race day.
  • It is a requirement of entry that all entrants for the Ultra event have completed a trail race, long distance walk or road race of at least marathon distance. The race organiser may seek confirmation of your race information.
  • Cut off time for finishing is 12 hours. 
  • If a runner is not at the halfway point (CP2) before 6.5 hours, they will be timed out at that checkpoint and unable to continue.
  • Any runner arriving after CP2 has closed will not be permitted to continue under any circumstances.
  • Any runner arriving at the finish line after the 12 hour cut off will not receive a finishing time or medal, but you will receive TLC!
  • Runners will be required to carry sufficient food / water, first aid and blister kits to ensure their personal safety between checkpoints. (Approx. 10miles).
  • The route takes you through protected environments and we insist that you keep to paths and trails.
  • There will be other cliff path users / live stock on the course so please be respectful and close gates.
  • There will be some section on public roads, please stay on pavements wherever possible and use road sense.
  • We will endeavour to mark the route clearly, it is the responsibility of each runner to ensure they are familiar with the route. The website has links to maps where you may view the course and a GPX file that can be downloaded.
  • We ask for all runners to carry mobile phones and take note of the contact detail for Race Director 07797827383. Please note that signals are not always available on the North Coast. Please ensure that your phone operates in Jersey.

Safety & General Course Info

Points to Note: 

Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. The race is a 48 mile race, however the distance will definitely not be bang on 48 miles, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The course is marked to ensure that at decision points you will be told where to go, the general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each twist and turn will not be marked, however as long as you keep the sea on your right all the way round, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine.

Water stations are approx 10 miles apart on this course: you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations and if it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. We will also be going cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints you will be required to carry your own re usable cup. Because the race is in August, it will generally be expected that it will be warm – please train in anticipation of this and take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort and warmth on the day. On the aid stations there will be supplies such as coke, sweets, some savoury food and some soups on at least one of the stations, however runners are expected to bring enough calories to support themselves, with the food at CP’s being supplementary to this. 

If you suffer from any medical conditions please ensure that you place a Red Cross on your race number before race day, and write your medical conditions on the back of the race number with a I.C.E. contact also.  

If in case of an accident or a runner wishing to retire and no mobile signal being available: Either walk to the nearest checkpoint if it is safe to do so or ask a passing runner / walker / marshal to pass on details of incident and personal details to the nearest checkpoint. If you do retire from the race between checkpoints please contact race director as soon as possible to explain the situation, we do not want to be alerting emergency services when a runner is actually sitting in a pub. If you come across a runner who is injured or in distress, you must stop and see if you can assist, contact race director or inform marshalls. The route follows cliff paths and is hazardous in certain places. As organisers we will highlight potential hazards but you must be aware that there may be other hidden dangers. Do not attempt to overtake on narrow / dangerous sections, please wait until it is safe to do so and please allow faster runners to overtake when safe. If you do not feel that you can continue, please inform a marshal at the next check point /contact race director / inform other runners. Remember it may be hot or windy or wet… so please take care! There will be non competing runners on the course who will act as sweepers as well as some competing runners who are also race organisers; they will be there to help.

2020 Events – Covid 19 Precautions in Place For Trail Monkey Events

2020 Events – Covid 19 Precautions in Place For Trail Monkey Events

The staging of all of our remaining 2020 events is subject to States of Jersey guidelines and we must await further data and information before final decisions can be made.

However, we have already started to put together a list of the risks and mitigants for these risks to enable us to put our event son whilst keeping you guys safe.

Please note some or all of these will be required, and that the list is not exhaustive, others may be added. The purpose here is to give runners as much forewarning as possible with regards to potential changes to their 2020 race.

To enable us to adhere with current guidelines and to minimise the risk of possible transmissions we will be introducing the below outlined actions for our 2020 events  (and possibly beyond if required).  We must ALL play our part in enabling race events to go ahead and therefore your understanding and help in implementing the below is required and appreciated.


The main principle in place is that social distancing can and will be maintained if advised as necessary by the government, currently at 1 metres in all of the below settings not just the dropping bags, starting the event, aid stations, or at the finish.

All volunteers will be provided with PPE including but not limited to nitrile gloves, face masks and access to sanitiser.

All staff including set up and sweep teams will be provided with PPE and will sanitise each area on arrival and departure, eg aid station set up or sweep.

Pre Race

Runners who are displaying any possible Covid-19 symptoms including but not limited to high temperature, dry cough etc will be asked not to attend the race.

This year there will be 4 waves of starters. For the solo race and really races, Wave 1 start at 6am, Wave 2 at 6:30am, Wave 3 at 7:00am and Wave 4 at 7:30am  from the Steam Clock, St Helier (beside tunnel and Weighbridge area)

Due to Coronavirus restrictions of not allowing more than 40 people in a public place runners must not arrive until after the previous wave has departed. If there are more than 40 people at any one time, we will have to cancel the event there and then. We have a big job organising the race on its own without then having to police runners in respect of the requests we make to be compliant with the law pertaining to Covid-19 Requirements. We expect full compliance with this. 

Race organisers will be there from 5.00 for questions and late number collections

This year we will be operating  2 x bag drops for runners 1 at Les Fontaine’s and 1 at Grosnez as we will be offering less food options on the checkpoints, again due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Kit bags for La Fontaine and Grosnez must be submitted with luggage label tied on showing Name and Race Number. 

Race Bibs and Kit check: We will be doing the race check in an outdoor environment at Big Maggies cycle shop.

Bags : Runners will be required to ensure any drop bags or finish bags are clearly labelled with their race number prior to arriving. Bag deposit will function as a socially distanced drop off with Trail Monkey Staff in PPE collecting and storing them, to transport and offload for the same procedure at the finish.

Race Start: The race start will be conducted in waves so as not to contravene the rules regarding public gatherings. There will be a grid system marked (distances at 1 metres in line with local guidance) where runners must stand prior to their wave start. At Round the Rock we will be doing wave starts on the hour then every 30 minutes of 35 people per wave. Runners will be asked to arrive 5 minutes after the time that the previous wave has left and to drop bags etc etc during that time ready for their start time. Runners may arrive directly to the start wearing their bib number and with mandatory kit and be ready to start at their allotted race time. Runners will be notified of their start time in good time before the actual race day. Social distancing will be in place and marshals and the grid system will ensure no runner is within 1 metre of another through the start process.

Aid Station Etiquette: Runners to sanitise hands at designated entry and exit points to aid stations. Runners will only be permitted into the aid station areas with social distancing and will be held at distanced intervals prior to the aid station if others are in the check point when they arrive. Aid stations will be manned by volunteers in PPE and at CP 1 & 2 we will have pre packed foods (flapjacks, crisps and sweets) as well as bottled water and coke to speed up the rate at which runners can receive aid and move on. Where possible runners should aim to be self-sufficient nutrition wise if there are further requirements than the above. Due to field sizes and the spread of start and finish times, this will likely be a short wait, nevertheless runners must be patient with staff and volunteers.

Hydration and Fuelling: To reduce/eliminate runner and volunteer contact runners must use hand sanitiser prior to using the aid station or will be refused access. There will be plastic water bottles and all aid station food will be individually packaged.  Runners must also sanitise hands on the way out of aid stations.

On Course Etiquette: At known pinch points there will be marshals deployed.  All runners must be prepared to observe social distancing at all times and slow down/stand aside to allow members of the public to pass safely without issue. Runners should call from behind if they wish to pass a slower moving runner ahead and ask them to move aside. Runners must run to one side of the trail if being passed allowing the widest possible distance between each other.


Awards : All t-shirts and medals will be individually packaged and runners are to collect these themselves at finish line rather than be presented with them. Runners must use hand sanitiser provided before and after collecting awards.

All runners will be encouraged to make quick onward travel and social distancing will be required.

More race day info here

Where to Stay & Travel

Current States of Jersey Coronavirus Travel Info here

Jersey is an amazing place to visit. We have excellent travel links with the UK and Europe with the main airlines servicing Jersey being BA, Easyjet and Flybe.  There are some good budget accommodation options namely the Premier Inn in St Helier and campsites in the North of the island and the West.  You can also go to www.jersey.com,  or click the link below to find “Visit Jersey” or have a look at the interactive map below which details availability and prices of hotels around the start area and beyond on that weekend.