Race Day

Are you ready to Rock?

Race Briefing and Post Race BBQ prizegiving

  • Please attend race Briefing on the Friday evening before the race
  • Numbers will be issued 6pm – 6:30 pm in the foyer outside the La Rocco suite, Radisson Blu.
  • You will be issued with a kit bag containing race number, pins, luggage label ( for check point bag), tshirt (tshirts cannot be exchanged as they have been ordered as requested) .
  • The Race Brief will start at 6:30 pm. (Ideally all relay team members should attend)

Race Start

  • The race will start at Saturday 6am from Steam Clock, St Helier (beside tunnel and Weighbridge area)
  • Race organisers will be there from before 5.00 for questions and late number collections
  • Kit bags for La Fontaine must be submitted with luggage label tied on showing Name and Race Number. PLEASE NOTE: ALL RUNNERS MUST REGISTER WITH NUMBER DISPLAYED AND WATER BETWEEN 5:15 – 6:45 AM . (runners will be disqualified if they do not carry a water supply of at least 500ml)


  • Checkpoints will be approximately 10 miles apart.
  • Water will be provided to refill your bottles / hydration packs. (Average usage is 500ml per hour, so be prepared to carry 1litre). WATER WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED IN BOTTLES OR CUPS.
  • Checkpoints will also supply cups of coke and some basic food (crisps, fruit etc). Runners must ensure that they carry sufficient supplies.
  • Checkpoint 1 at St Catherine will provide water only.
  • The 22 mile checkpoint at La Fontaine is the half way bag drop. Bags will be returned to finish.
  • Cut off times will be enforced, we will support runners to finish as far as possible.
  • The cut off time of 12 hours is absolute, medals will not be awarded after this time.
  • As race organisers we reserve the right to alter these times depending on race day conditions.




First runner (approx)

Cut off time

1 – St Catherine

10.9 miles



2 – La Fontaine

22.9 Miles



3 – Grosnez

29.6 Miles



4 -Beauport

38.9 Miles


3:30 pm

Finish – La Fregate

48 Miles













  • Runners must follow marshalls’ instructions
  • We would suggest that runners carry first aid/ blister supplies and suitable clothing.
  • Remember if it is hot you will need water! . Further round the course along the large bays of St. Ouen, St. Brelade and St. Aubin there are cafes where you can buy drinks and ice creams. You will also find showers on the promenades, if you are suffering from the heat cool yourselves down with these. Remember it is often more about the core temperature rising than actual dehydration.
  • We ask for all runners to carry mobile phones and take note of the contact detail for Race Director 07797768480. Please note that signals are not always available on the North Coast. Please ensure that your phone operates in Jersey.
  • If in case of an accident or a runner wishing to retire and no mobile signal being available: Either walk to the nearest checkpoint if it is safe to do so or ask a passing runner / walker / marshal to pass on details of incident and personal details to the nearest checkpoint.
  • If you do retire from the race between checkpoints please contact race director as soon as possible to explain the situation, we do not want to be alerting emergency services when a runner is actually sitting in a pub!
  • If you come across a runner who is injured or in distress, you must stop and see if you can assist, contact race director or inform marshalls.
  • The route follows cliff paths and is hazardous in certain places. As organisers we will highlight potential hazards but you must be aware that there may be other hidden dangers.
  • Do not attempt to overtake on narrow / dangerous sections, please wait until it is safe to do so and please allow faster runners to overtake when safe.
  • If you do not feel that you can continue, please inform a marshal at the next check point /contact race director / inform other runners.
  • Remember it may be hot or windy or wet… so please take care!
  • There will be non competing runners on the course who will act as sweepers as well as some competing runners who are also race organisers; they will be there to help.

Race Rules

  • The route takes you through protected environments and we insist that you keep to paths and trails.
  • Please take away all your litter / food stuffs and help us to keep the course clean.
  • There will be other cliff path users / live stock on the course so please be respectful and close gates.
  • There will be some section on public roads, please stay on pavements wherever possible.
  • We will endeavour to mark the route clearly, it is the responsibility of each runner to ensure they are familiar with the route. The website has links to maps where you may view the course.
  • Round The Rock does not encourage the use of pacers, support crews and additional bag drops etc. If you do obtain external support we would recommend that you restrict this to check point areas. We reserve the right as organisers to enforce time penalties if we feel that someone has had an unfair advantage.

Post race meal and prize giving

  • The Grace Crocker Foundation have with their supporters and sponsors generously arranged for you to be fed, watered and supplied with suitable beverages.
  • At the race finish you will be welcomed by the promise of a cold beer or soft drink (This is free, so don’t refuse it!). There will be a large gazebo affair with chairs.
  • From around 3pm in a marquee, there will be food and drinks on offer from the Chuffing Pig and Al Fresco. Please note that you will need to pay as you eat and drink!
  • From around 6pm as the last runners merrily trot there way over the finish line to the raucous applause of yourselves, the finishers and spectators, I will take my usual position and attempt to bore / humour you with some ad lib speech… but most importantly hand out the well earned prizes…. will that £2000 need to be handed out????
  • 6:30 the bar will be closing and either you will be crawling home to bed or seeking further refreshments.
  • Chugging Pig Menu:
  • Sunblush tomato & mozzarella arancini risotto balls with a tomato dressing & rocket (V)


    Slow roasted pulled pork with a red cabbage & apple slaw & home made bbq sauce in a Portuguese roll   


     Jersey 6oz beef burger with rocket salad, horseradish mayo & shredded beetroot


     Kid’s Option

     Plain/ cheese burger with tomato ketchup



     Pear honey & ginger cake

    Chocolate & berry brownie


We still need marshalls to act as sweepers and run between the checkpoints and act as our main safety check, so if you know anyone who can run 10 miles at a slow speed, they are the people we need!
Digby Ellis-Brecknell
Mobile 07797768480